BrightPipe Resources​

Please find below access to free tools and resources we have put together to help make working with BrightPipe easier. Our primary goal is to provide the best level of service possible and that starts with sharing of information. These resources will help speed your design process by giving you access to detailed information about our equipment. We also have a content upload system that will help us clearly communicate with each other to ensure we have the right content prepared for your event.

Designer Tools

We work closely with many exhibit houses and design firms to assist in the seamless integration of technology into the overall experience. Designers frequently need access to information that is often difficult to find. Our Designer Tools resource is an extensive list of the display technologies we offer with quick access to available sizes, dimensions, weight and relevant specs to help you choose the right display.  We also give you access to 3D CAD models, detailed pictures and mechanical drawings of our equipment.  Request access to this resource by submitting your information below.

Send Us Your Content

BrightPipe archives content for every client for every event. Need a copy of a video that was used at your event last year? We have it! Our content upload system allows you to send us files to test in advance and for production use on show site. When we receive files prior to shipping we can install and test the media on actual equipment being deployed to ensure everything works perfectly. Use the form below to request access to our FTP upload system to start sharing your content with us.

Request Access to BrightPipe Resources