About BrightPipe

BrightPipe strives to provide all your technology needs for your tradeshow or event. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians has decades of experience in both hardware and software design. Our goal is to provide you with extraordinary service along with consistent and reliable equipment. We own nearly all of the inventory we provide to our clients and we do everything possible in the planning process to ensure your event is set up and opens with no surprises – none.  Our hardware solutions range from LED video walls to simple laptop computer deployments. Our software team has created interactive games, traffic building activities, electronic document fulfillment and lead retrieval solutions for our clients. Regardless of your needs BrightPipe has the experience and the people in place to help you solve A/V and lead capture problems to help you get results.


BrightPipe was started in 1991 by two graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The early years were focused on embedded systems design, digital and analog circuit design and firmware coding for a variety of microprocessor-based systems. Our technical roots are strong and provide our team with a unique insight into design and problem solving. One of our first tradeshow projects was a custom report generator for a large pharmaceutical company. After scanning the doctor’s badge we created a report that showed the efficacy of our client’s products compared to competitive drugs. This application was so effective on the show floor that BrightPipe was engaged to create a version that was rolled out to their nation-wide sales team of thousands of reps. The rest, as they say, is history. For the past 15 years we have worked exclusively in the tradeshow and event technology world helping our customers solve technical problems while providing the very best equipment and technical support possible.

BrightPipe is headquartered in Atlanta but we service events nationwide and internationally. Our primary focus is on renting A/V hardware, but we also provide interactive development, custom lead retrieval solutions, internet services, and traffic building activities for our clients.

Connecting Your Events
to Your Sales Pipeline

Face-to-face marketing is frequently considered the redheaded step child of the marketing mix.  Most often this is because the ROI for events can be difficult to determine. The history of BrightPipe in tradeshows started with a project designed to provide information that showed how effective our client’s products in the attendee’s very own back yard. We went on to develop a variety of lead retrieval, electronic detailing tools, electronic literature systems and a wide variety of traffic builder and engaging booth activities. Our experienced team is happy to discuss the challenges you have with traffic building and ROI measurement regarding your event program. We are available to offer our insight to you based on years of experience. Whether you use our services or not, we are always excited to help our friends in the exhibit world in any way we can.

Proprietary E4 Process

BrightPipe’s E4 Process has evolved from years of successfully helping clients solve technical challenges with their exhibit program. Most of our clients come to us because they struggle with finding a consistent A/V partner, find it difficult to generate traffic in their exhibit or can’t effectively measure the results of their events. Our E4 Process was created to help our clients solve these problems.

  • Engage
  • What is in it for me? It is difficult to engage attendees to cross from the aisle into your booth. We have developed a variety of engaging traffic building concepts that almost guarantee you will get foot traffic in your booth.

  • Entertain
  • Attendees often spend hours and hours at events participating in education and networking sessions that can be dry and boring. Creating an entertaining experience in your exhibit helps hold their attention and keeps them interested in hearing more about what you have to say.

  • Educate
  • While they are engaged and entertained we now have an opportunity to educate the attendee about the benefits of your products or services. We suggest picking one or two key takeaway messages and embedding those messages into the traffic building activity of the both.

  • Evaluate
  • The heart to any successful engagement program is the ability to measure results. BrightPipe has been measuring results at events for decades. We can embed measurement into programs we design for you or empower your agency or content partner with badge scanning technology so that they can create this for you.

    The E4 Process is grounded in common sense and years of experience in the tradeshow industry. There is no one answer to solve all problems but by using this process we have always had a positive impact on our client’s events.

    Leadership team

    Jeff Kidd

    VP Client Services


    (770) 819-8881 

    Dan Shamanski

    VP Technical Services


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    What our clients are saying about us.

    I consider BrightPipe to be an integral part of my congress planning and execution team, and my shows wouldn’t be as successful as they are without the help and support they provide. From pre-show calls and programming, to onsite troubleshooting and installations, I know BrightPipe is in sync with my plans and never misses a beat. They go above and beyond when I need it, and they are truly the definition of a partner.

    M.O. – Director of Client Services

    The strategic, logistical and technical value that BrightPipe provides during the planning stages of a show or event is fantastic.The BrightPipe team is very responsive to all inquiries and it’s great to be able to speak with someone live and get the technical questions answered on the spot.Starting with the pre-event planning, they are honest in their recommendations and provide on-point execution onsite to assure the final solution(s) is a successful one.

    M.F. – VP, Client Services

    BrightPipe has been an A/V partner of ours for a decade.  I only use the term “partner” when it applies and it does with them.  They are involved in the pre-planning, brainstorming and show site decision process for all projects we work together on.  BrightPipe knows our client’s goals and will show the path to get there even when there are changes and tight deadlines.  BrightPipe is an asset.

    S.A. – Director, Client Services

    I have been working with BrightPipe for over 10 years to provide A/V equipment and lead retrieval solutions in my exhibit booths. BrightPipe consistently demonstrates the utmost professionalism, problem solving skills and knowledge of the technology provided. I would never look to any other company to provide the services that BrightPipe does.

    J.S. – Senior Manager, Conventions

    The BrightPipe team is a pleasure to work with. With other A/V companies I have to spend a lot of time helping them do their job and providing tools and supplies. Your team shows up and gets to work asking me for little to no help. I have colleagues who have told me how great it is to work with BrightPipe and now I truly understand why they say this – you are a step above the normal A/V shop. It is a true pleasure to work with a partner like you. Your team lets me focus my time on making the client happy when I don’t have to sweat the A/V details.

    D.R. – President, I&D Labor Company

    BrightPipe has been my go- to company for a myriad of A/V and technology services over the past 15 years. Starting from the design stages of an exhibit to final presentation on show site, use of their technology enhances the attendee experience every time. Their customer service is outstanding and their onsite support is both professional and knowledgeable. They truly can handle any challenge presented to them. Thanks for always going above and beyond our expectations! Always looking forward to our next project.

    C.B. Event Services Manager, Client Services

    Thanks to you and the BrightPipe team for so quickly coming to our aid and for all your efforts in getting the project designed and implemented in record time. BrightPipe continues to do an outstanding job, project after project. Since 1997 your team has provided us with help on a variety of projects. I would recommend, without hesitation, BrightPipe to any company seeking reliable and professional assistance.

    S.C. – Director, Corporate Marketing

    Your team never fails to impress me; your team has a great ability to solve complex problems. I know I can count on BrightPipe to bring a “get it done” attitude to my projects. You consistently have a logical approach to issues and offer reasonable solutions to our clients. I also know I can count on you to stay on track with project timelines and budgets.   I would say that one of BrightPipe’s greatest strengths is attention to detail. I know the work we engage you to do will be well planned, properly executed, on time and on budget.  Thank you for all your help.

    M.D. – Director, Interactive Services

    I wanted to say thank you again for exceptional service from start to finish of this project. Thank you for the amazing customer service and pricing that we received from you. I really appreciate your patience with us through this client, as we all experienced a lot of challenging moments. Thanks again!

    K.H. – Account Manager

    Brightpipe has a true passion for customer service which makes my job easier. They are always willing to go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy. I consider them an amazing partner – not just another AV vendor!

    K.M. – Senior Manager, Client Services

    Working with BrightPipe gives me such peace of mind because I know that they are knowledgeable and that what my client needs they will provide or find a way to make happen. Onsite they are also professional and capable and this allows me to focus on other aspects of my job because I know I can count on them.

    C.C. – Account Manager

    For three years BrightPipe had been a vital part of our team. They have been involved with multimedia development and audio visual services for our clients. The staff at BrightPipe has worked closely with our in-house development team as well as other third party vendors to create and deploy a series of truly compelling exhibit experiences. After nearly 50 shows and exhibits I have nothing but glowing comments about the reliability and professionalism of the BrightPipe Team.

    S.B. – Director of Interactive Event Services

    BrightPipe is a valued partner who consistently goes above and beyond on every project they work on with us.  I feel comfortable on show site knowing that they will have everything up and running smoothly and I don’t have to worry.

    S.B. – Senior Account Executive

    Thank you so much for all that you do to make all our shows successful!  It’s truly a pleasure to have you as partners and friends!  I know that when I turn to you for questions, quotes, support and your expertise, that I will receive the best and can be confident with what is provided to our clients.  You truly are the best and always looking for ways to stay ahead and provide solutions to challenges that are encountered. 

    R.P. – Senior Account Manager

    Brightpipe offers exceptional service to clients throughout preparation for a show, on-site difficulties, and post-show needs. Their customer service extends beyond prompt email replies, putting together informational documents that allow a quick reference for inventory, model numbers, even CAD models. When we work with Brightpipe, we know we will be taken care of, and more importantly, so will our clients.

    A.M. Senior Account Manager


    Join Our Team

    BrightPipe provides A/V and technology services to the tradeshow and event industry. We travel across the country to deploy a mix of proprietary and turn key technology solutions for our clients. No day is the same twice and you will have the opportunity to work with great clients, travel the country and work with leading edge technology. BrightPipe provides a full complement of benefits including paid holidays and sick time, health insurance, dental, vision, life, matching 401K and health savings plan. We strongly believe in taking care of the people who take care of us. There is tremendous opportunity to lean new skills and be a key member of our growing team. If you have strong technical skills with good problem solving abilities and can work independently as well as part of a larger team we would like the opportunity to consider you joining our company.

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    Supporting our Community

    BrightPipe has been a long time sponsor of the Smyrna Little League.   Here are some of our future Major Leaguers at Myrtle Beach, SC winning a week long tournament.